Many people were involved in bringing this book to fruition.

I’d like to thank Laurence and Stephanie of Crooked Cat Publishing who took on this project with their usual energy and sensitivity. Although I seem to have landed the rather prestigious title of ‘editor’, the real work was done by the deft hand of Simon Marshall-Jones, for which I am deeply grateful.

Thanks must also go to my husband, Robert Deeth, whose technical expertise enabled me to convert the original manuscript. He’s the world’s best listener, too. Cheers, Rob. The Prosecco’s on me.

Many of the images you see on the website are only there courtesy of the diligence of Steve Taylor, Maggie’s husband, who has been a tower of strength over the years and an enthusiastic supporter of this most unusual family project. Much appreciated, Steve.

Finally, I am indebted to my wonderful stepmother Maggie for entrusting me with such a precious heirloom.


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